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Darlene, Barrie, ON 905 447 3655

I am 57 years old and was born  with epilepsy. My doctor took me off phenobarbital after being on it for 50 years. I started having many seizures daily, I was going to contact my doctor to put me back on phenobarbital  but decided to try the CBD drops. After one week  I was so shocked my seizures completely stopped!

Stacey, Whitby, ON 289 355 3461

I have arthritis in my left shoulder, scoliosis and terrible back pain.  I noticed after taking the CBD drops a few weeks that my pain is much less and I sleep the whole night through which gives me energy during the day.

Lillian, Port Perry, ON 905 985 8281

I was in constant pain with spasms in my back, my fingers were full of arthritis to the point where I couldn’t close my hands. I started taking the CBD drops in July 2018 and after 7 days my pain was completely gone. I sleep well, as I was up 5-6 times every night. I will never stop taking it!

Shelagh, Oshawa,ON


If not for your suggestion to try ReLeaf I wouldn’t have made it through my knee surgery pain, and recovered so quickly . Thanks and I have sent others your way, you are amazing !!!!

Steve Graves, Whitby, ON


I started with a 500mg dose and within a week noticed an improvement in my stress level and my sleep was improved. After having eczema on both elbows for as many years as I can remember especially in dry winter months, it had improved 90%.  I see no reason that I would even consider NOT taking it…I have since moved to the 1000mg dose and have the same results.